The company Colle Rotondo

Welcome to The Reali's Family Farm. We are in the heart of the Pontine Hills, on a beautiful round-shaped hill in the centre of a plain close to the Lepine Mountains located in Priverno.

We have an area of fifteen hectares with about four thousand  plants of precious Itrana variety, well known as Gaeta.

The privileged location, the right distance from the sea, allowed this territory to produce olives since 1200.

Since 1800, we produce olives and extra virgin Olive Oil, and we stand out for growing certified organic.With passion, pride, and devotion we grow olives so called Itrana , a prized variety of typical olive trees in southern Lazio.

Large olives, ovals, with thin skin, and an abundant pulp, also used for direct consumption , from which it derives a thick oil, fragrant,intensely, fruity, and delicate with light and fresh taste of herbs and green apple.

The Company since 1992 has joined the certified organic agriculture system, is equipped with its own air-conditioned storage

warehouse and packing plant.

Currently, it supplies its products to prestigious restaurants and hotels "5 star luxury " in Italy and abroad .


Come and visit us, you will be the welcome!


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